Week 24

“What would the person I intend to become do next?”

That is such a big question. It’s a question that you can ask yourself many times a day, as life is a series of “nows”, and a series of  minute by minute choices.

My choice over the last 6-7 weeks or so has been to not share what is going on for me in my Hero’ds journey through my blog. As Mark would say, it’s easier to stay in your comfort zone than break out and face some challenging things in your life, in order to to become the person you want to be. Over the last while I have not asked myself the question, “What would the person I intend to become do next?”, often enough. I know who she is but I don’t know if I am brave enough to take the steps I need to take to get her there!

To do this course properly and to really grow you have to form new ways of thinking and this involves doing EVERYTHING that Davene [the Fabulous One], Mark and the team have devise for you to do in this spectacular course, DAILY, even 3 times a day. It’s there for a reason and has been carefully, meticulously thought through.  I would start off the day well, but not do the reading at work, and then the reading petered off at night time from about week 18.

One thing I have learned about myself through this course is that I love  helping people and would love to be a guide, but I need to develop some commitment to myself, and some self discipline in me, to find my own greatness, before  I can help others find their greatness. Then WATCH OUT!

So back to, what would the person I intend to become do next? Long term goal?Definitely I will be doing this course again in September.  This time I WILL do the  sits [quiet reflective times] everyday. And I will find my true path and share myself with others by being a certified guide. Short term goal? Now? Listen to the final, final webinar for MKMMA2015/2016 with some real sadness. It’s like saying goodbye to great friends.

Thank you for enriching my life Mark and Davene and your team. Thank you. See you in September!


Week 17 My Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey begins…….

This week something has shifted in me! Is it because I truely now am transforming, like a caterpillar into a butterfly?  I’ll try to explain how I understand what’s happening below for you. Pretty cool!

This week we learnt that shedding our former self and way of thinking and being to become, or to own who we always were inside from birth, “We are nature’s greatest miracle!”, is like a cycle, and we have to go through a similar experience to that of the death  to truely transform into that hero.

The four stages of Death are well known:





I’m sure we have all experienced these stages during our lives when someone close to has died, or a relationship has ended. many of us stay stuck in one of these states for a very long time and are unable to move forward with our lives because by constantly reliving a state, and thinking about it in a certain way, and feeling the emotions related with that state, we create neural pathways that are easily triggered, and these thoughts become like a default position for us to think about and relive the upsetting experience, by the minute, by the hour, by the day….over and over.

I know because this happened with me in my life and I just couldn’t understand why  I couldn’t just “get over it”. It was like my thoughts and memories controlled me and I was living in a constant state of grief. For several YEARS…….

Through MKMMA I have learnt that we can rewire our brain to create new neural pathways which means we can shed these past things that are holding us back in life and accept and move on. Oh yeah!

This week has been great. I am going one step further and actually witnessing the “death” of my old friend- the past me.  But although I am experiencing some denial, I haven’t got to anger and grief yet! It’s too exciting!

Through focussing on and being  being kinder, courageous, persistent and disciplined, I am beginning to really own that I am growing and much more of a hero in my life for myself and others than I ever realised or acknowledged.Much more harmony and love surround me and my family through how I am being a hero!

The butterfly is escaping the cocoon that has been safe and comfortable, but it has also been a little dark and constraining with little room  to let her fly and bring beauty and love and freedom into others’ lives.

That’s how I feel this week anyway!



Week 17

Week 17 already?

Although I have been on holiday for a month I have tried to stay faithful to this amazing learning experience. It’s been a great few weeks becoming AWARE of my virtues!

The Law of Growth. Focus on what you want, and it will grow. Focus on what you don’t want and it will grow. You can choose either way.

The move to a new Mastermind  activity, to focus the  awareness on virtues in myself  [that I want to grow in myself], and in other people  three weeks ago has really inspired me to be a better person, and to appreciate that everybody has the potential for amazing kindness, courage and persistence; these are the three virtues I have focussed on growing in myself, and observing in others over the last few weeks! There are ten more to go, including self discipline, organisation, imagination, taking initiative and so on……I can’t wait!

Each week I focus on a particular chosen virtue in myself and others around me to promote awareness of it myself and others. This is the Law of Growth. Focus on what you want and it will grow!  It’s good to look for the Virtue everywhere, in everyone around you [and yourself!], and score it down at the end of the day.For example, my chosen Virtue 1 was Courage. By being aware of the courageous acts of others, rather than just not  seeing it nor acknowledging it, I even took it a step further by acknowledging the courage, so I complimented the person on their courage, and made that person feel great for being courageous, and so they are likely to really appreciate the compliment, and repeat  courageous actions again because they feel good about themselves.

This happened when one of my tenants phoned up because they felt that the other tenants were not respecting our house, having parties and had damaged some of the property. It took a lot for him to do that because he was afraid of the repercussions from the other tenants, and myself. I acknowledged this courage  and thanked him so much for being so strong. There is trust there. He really appreciated it. I am trying to sort out the situation. It’s a win win.

Another virtue that we all had to focus on last week was Kindness. So often we forget to acknowledge or thank the small acts of kindness that people perform for others every day. A cup of tea for your spouse, taking your child to school in the rain, picking up rubbish when it is not your own, paying for someone’s groceries when they cannot afford them that week, thanking your friend for being a great friend…..thanking your son for cooking dinner when you are late…..Doing stuff when you don’t expect a reward or thanks is the best feeling. The Law of Giving and Receiving starts with GIVING without expecting reciprocity……Random Acts of Kindness are so awesome! I will be doing this for the rest of my life. I feel so much a better, nicer person for being kinder!

These acts of kindness  happen every day by millions of people for millions of people around the world. If we are aware of these acts and show appreciation of others’ kindness towards ourselves or towards others, this kindness will grow.  Imagine a kinder world that we can help create, one by one! The Law of Growth is so simple- focus on what you want, display what you want, and it will show up more in yourself and others.

So simple.

What do you want to grow in your life? The choice is yours.

Week 12

This week two sections of the Masterkey Part Twelve are profoundly important to me.

“You must first have the knowledge of your power, second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.”

18. “The principle which gives the thought the dynamic power to correlate with it’s object, and therefore to master every human experience, is the law of attraction, which is another name for love. This is an eternal and fundamental principle, inherent in all things, in every system of Philosophy, in every Religion, and in every Science. There is no getting away from the law of love. It is feeling that imparts vitality to thought. Feeling is desire, and desire is love. Thought impregnated with love becomes invincible.”

I remember Mark stating in the beginning of this course, how important it is for us to attach feeling to our thoughts and desires. I am a really emotional person usually, although I have suppressed my feelings a lot over the past 15 years. I have found it really hard to get emotional and really feel the joy when I am saying and reading my DMP. Why is that?????

Is it because my DMP is not authentic and really doesn’t bring me joy? But just what I think I should do to be happy? Interesting. What’s missing here?

But as soon as I read Week 12, and particularly the passages above, and I read and spoke the word LOVE out loud, something switched on. I realise that all I need to do is feel absolute LOVE and desire for what I want for my life and it will happen! It’s like that feeling when you are “in love” for me. It’s that chemical reaction in my brain, [peptides?], transferring into a physical reaction [fluttering in my tummy feeling] and when I think about my bliss now, I get that feeling!!!

I also have the knowledge of my power now; the courage to dare and the faith to do need a little more help.  My DMP can only become a reality if I own courage and faith.

A breakthrough week.

Week 10

Week 10 there was no webinar by Mark, Davene and Chris because of American Thanks Giving celebrations. This is not celebrated in NZ; we have Christmas in three weeks so that’s our deadline for the end of the year and OUR big family time. In fact all of our four adult kids will be here for Christmas this year and that’s worth celebrating in itself!!!

Back to MKMMA. I can say with complete honesty, that for the first time on the course I have ‘gone through the motions’ and have had whole days where I have not even read anything at all!

This does not serve me. In fact it is interesting to see how easy it would be to slide back into my blueprint of the way I used to be, and think. This is often what happens when we get challenged, or it becomes a little monotonous or if we are not doing the work in the way it is intended to be done to save time because we are ‘busy’….. We skip a day, then after a while it becomes two and then we find it hard to start again. A little bit like training for a marathon, or a weight loss programme or studying for an exam. What’s a couple of days anyway you tell yourself?

Yes we can get away with this slide into stopping our training, or stopping our brain training. Who will know? Who is going to tell you off? No one knew of your secret goal anyway! Did you actually announce your MKMMA  DMP goals to anyone, [your greatest goals in life that make you happy, that you are learning how to make an actuality through training your thoughts], or talk to them about how amazing you are finding the course? No you didn’t. I sure haven’t shared enough with people so that they are enrolled or interested in my journey enough to pull me up if I quit.

The only person that I am really accountable to is ME. And I am creating my future through creating new neural pathways and new thinking and working with others to do that. I love it when I’m thinking about it! It’s empowering and positive and has already had a great effect on me and my family. It’s probably the most important thing I will ever do in my life so damn it…..I nearly did the usual and gently piked out……

Not this girl. I’m worth more than that. My family is worth more than that. Everybody I touch in my life is worth more than that.

It is spoken.

Week 9

This week is just beginning so I will write two blogs. Just wanted to share a profoundly simple truth that I learnt this week! This is that your sub conscious mind [your subby], has no defence against your voice.

You can think things, and read them silently and understand them and feel them, but unless you speak them out loud to yourself or others around you, you are not ANNOUNCING them to the world and to your subconscious mind to act on!

This can be very very powerful. For example you can speak aloud your greatest desire in life, you can affirm yourself, you can tell others how beautiful they are, or tell yourself that something is easy to accomplish……These then wire into your subconscious mind and you believe and they manifest outwardly in the outer world over time.

This can also be very very powerful in a negative way. You can announce to  yourself that you’ll never be successful, that you are unattractive to others, that you are mean, that you have no friends, that your boss is nasty and always picking on you…. And your subconscious will believe you and this will manifest outwardly and become your reality.


So from now on I am going to speak my thoughts out loud to myself, read my DMP out loud, read everything out loud and not be embarrassed about doing so! Because I am empowering myself every day. Powerful stuff this week so far……

Mark I now understand totally WHY! I was only playing before and thought I could do this journey with a little adaption my way! Ooops.

Just wanted to share that exciting revelation!

Week 8

“Don’t refuse the call to greatness.”

This week I viewed the video posted on Week 4 about how our brains work, how we form memories, and how these become charged with emotion and can jump back into our consciousness when they are stimulated by an associated memory, or a song, or  a smell, or a word, or anything. As our thoughts and memories are all inter-connected.

So some memories are played over and over in our minds, like a default position, and can be filled with regret, or sadness, or anger or whatever and can overwhelm us and stop us moving forward in life.

This is because peptides [chemical reactions] form in our brains and send feelings to our bodies, associated with that thought or memory. For example “I’m hungry”, can be associated with self loathing, or being at a wedding and seeing someone get happily married can trigger thoughts [and associated peptides] of great sadness and regret for someone who has just separated from their loved one. And will keep doing so.

But we can change this over time by forming new nuero pathways, by choosing a new future way and thinking and speaking about it positively. Like a call to action. Also by the Law of Growth: What we tink about with feeling grows; what we choose to forget about atrophies [dies]. This Video is amazing and really helped me understand that the more you dwell on things, the more entrenched those associated feelings become, and the more helpless you feel.  But NO MORE!!

I am forging a new way of thinking, and new pathways. This MKMMA is profound!